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A list of 3,357 Real Estate Agencies in Victoria and Tasmania. Each record has a company name, more than 92% have a full address and phone numbers.
With this download, we have compiled a Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS in the the form of agency information  saving you a lot of time if you wanted to put this list together yourself.
If you need to contact real estate agents in the states of Victoria or Tasmania to promote your products or services, this database is invaluable.
This database can be used as a mailing list or as a telemarketing list. Some records also have fax numbers which can be used as an additional promotional medium.
When purchasing the Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS, you are able to download this list 6 times over the following year, giving you a number of free updates.

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Real Estate Agent List in Victoria and Tasmania

Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS providing contact information that can me used for marketing and advertising.

Picture this: you, armed with a powerful arsenal of real estate contacts in VIC and TAS, ready to conquer the market and skyrocket your sales. Our meticulously curated list is your secret weapon, designed exclusively for go-getters like you who believe in the power of using the right data.

Why Choose Our VIC & TAS Real Estate Database?

  1. Up-to-Date Information: Our database is as fresh as a crisp morning in the Blue Mountains! We’ve compiled the most recent details of real estate agencies across Victoria and Tasmania, ensuring you have access to the latest market players.
  2. Comprehensive Data: Company names, addresses (more than 92% of records), phone numbers, emails as well as many with agency contact along with there position in the company! It’s like having the real estate industry’s little black book at your fingertips!
  3. Boost Your Marketing Game: Reach out to potential clients in the Victorian or Tasmanian real estate industry, establish collaborations, and watch your business bloom like a field of wildflowers!
  4. Save Time, Maximise Efforts: Why spend countless hours hunting down contact details when we’ve done the legwork for you? With our database, you can focus on what you do best – closing deals!

Victoria Australia

What’s in Store for You?

Agora Commerce’s Real Estate Agent List in Victoria or Tasmania can be used for different real estate needs and target specific markets. Whether you are up for promoting, connecting, generating networks, or simply looking for a real estate agent for your multiple properties, Agora Commerce ensures that our List is accurate, reliable, and sourced from the companies’ official sites and channels. 

Updated Contact Information

You don’t have to spend countless times scouring everywhere to look for Real Estate Agents’ directories in Victoria anymore. Agora Commerce has made it easy for you by compiling everything in a convenient, complete Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS.

As information is so easily the subject of constant change, we t Agora Commerce makes it our top priority to ensure that the records listed are always up-to-date. We have the most comprehensive database of top-rated agents in town so all you need to do is find one or twenty that suits your business’s needs.

Victorians and Tasmanians Use Estate Agents

Because it is so difficult to sell property in Victoria and Tasmania, most sales are managed by agents. Because of this difficulty, the Victorian Government has published an article on how to negotiate the sales process themselves.

Build Your Real Estate Network

When it comes to the real estate industry, you’ll want a directory that can take care of all your needs. Leaving a spot in the ever-competitive field requires solid connections which will give you an established network.

There are many great real estate agents in Victoria, but how do you know which one is right for your needs? Whether it’s your first big client or you’re simply looking forward to solidifying your network, Agora Commerce’s reliable, full Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS has you covered!

Easier Market Analysis

Getting our Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS makes it easier for you to analyse the market. By looking at their companies and addresses, you can see who fits your real estate needs best. You can see who is the nearest to you. Analyse your market and have a complete understanding of how wide the competition and possibilities can be for your business decisions.


Victoria Australia

Contact Real Estate Agents with our Invaluable Database

Our complete, reliable records of over 3,357 are sorted according to regions so you can easily understand and target the database fitting to your demographic area, making your marketing and advertising efforts as seamless as possible. With our Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS, find out how easy it is to find experts for your business needs now!

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The right people can make all the difference. Agora Commerce has other databases where you can see a list of Real Estate Agents in other states in Australia. This way, we’re always working with experienced people who will be able to help make your transaction go smoothly without any hiccups along the way! There’s nothing like having experts’ directories on hand when it matters the most. Get in touch with Agora Commerce today.

The records in this Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS have been assigned regions to this list so you can target geographical areas in your marketing and advertising efforts.
Once you have downloaded this list, you can use it to contact real estate agencies throughout Australia as all the records have the required information as well as additional information.  You can use this list to create a database of the real estate agents in your area who are relevant to your goals. This is certainly preferable over wasting your time and energy on various degrees of extremely tedious, trying research.
A recently compiled list of Australian Real Estate Agents.

Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS Stats:

This list contains 3,357 Records with the following fields:
Company – All records have a company name
Full Address (address, suburb, state, postcode) – 92% or 3,096 records have a full address
Phone – All records have a phone number
Region based on the phone number
Alternate phone (191)
Fax number (1,034)
Contact name (1,585)
Contact position (1,467)
Mobile number (1,896)
Company Email Address(2,046)
Contact Email Address (1,758)
The are some duplicates between the two email fields. Removing duplicates, there are 2,835 unique email addresses

Delivery Format:
Download the Real Estate Agent List VIC & TAS in a .zip file which contains the list as an Excel (.xlsx).


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