Pharmaceutical Manufacturers / Suppliers List


List containing 139 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers / Suppliers. This new and up to date list and has been compiled for those wishing to contact pharmaceutical companies. See breakdown below.
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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers / Suppliers List

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The responsibility of ensuring patients receive safe, high-quality medicine, medical devices, and other related essential supplies with standard to above-grade ingredients falls on a select few. Selecting from hundreds of lists of pharma giants may be overwhelming.


The market is booming, and you’re doing everything you can to stay ahead of the game. Success requires responsiveness—you need to be able to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively to the changing needs of your customers. Here at Agora Commerce, we’ve created a new, up-to-date list of 139 pharmaceutical companies that are actively seeking partnerships with your brand.


This new and improved list was compiled for those who want to reach out and connect to these companies. Whether you’re looking for the right product or just want to solidify your network, this is the place to start!

An Insight into the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry 

The Australian Pharmaceutical Industry has kept medicines economical by providing Australians with subsidized prescription medications. The leading biotechnology company in Australia produces and includes over 5000 clinically proven products for a wide range of conditions, varying from asthma and arthritis, to diabetes and cancer, generating global revenues of over AUD $4.5 billion than other countries.


The Australian government is committed to ensuring that all Australians have equal access to and affordability for their medicine. The ability to access and utilize data will open up opportunities such as better analysis of the benefits of medicines for patients, the economy, and the budget.


To achieve this goal, they work closely with healthcare professionals as well as pharmaceutical research companies who develop new treatments or improve existing ones so people can stay healthy without worrying about the cost. It’s time to provide the industry with some policy stability and predictability to plan ahead with confidence for what will be a time of significant opportunity to improve health outcomes and the economy, through innovation in medicines for patients.

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Compiled Pharmaceutical Manufacturers/ Suppliers List

The pharmaceutical industry is an exciting, ever-changing field that requires you to be aware and prepared for anything. That’s why we’ve created our List of Pharmaceutical manufacturers/ Suppliers in Australia; it will help your business get off on the right foot by ensuring reliability and credibility down through the years!


This new and up-to-date contact list consists of 139 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Suppliers in Australia. Agora Commerce compiled it to provide you with a reliable source of information to contact pharmaceutical companies. Marketers and organizations can use this list to easily find and contact pharmacological companies for their business advertising needs. 

Fields contained:

All pharmaceutical manufacturing companies (from small pharmaceutical headquarters to large pharmaceuticals) on this list have complete data information such as:


Company Name – all records

Address – all records

Suburb – all records

State – all records

Postcode – all records

Phone – all records

Breakdown by state as follows:

Manufacturers and suppliers were found in states of:

New South Wales – 87 manufacturers/suppliers

Queensland – 1 manufacturer/supplier

Victoria – 48 manufacturers/supplier

Western Australia – 3 manufacturer/suppliers

Access market intelligence

Finding the right pharmaceutical manufacturer and supplier in Australia can be a challenge. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that all information is accurate so you can make an informed decision when choosing who best suits your needs!


It is vital that you consider your target audience before embarking on any marketing strategy. This will allow you to tailor your offer to their needs and wants, which will help increase your chances of landing them as customers.


Agora Commerce has access to the directories of all the major pharmaceutical companies, as well as many independent suppliers. Our team of qualified professionals has extensive experience dealing with all aspects of this industry, from research to fact-checking and communication so our database is always accurate and up-to-date!

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