How accurate is the data?

Some of our competitors claim that their data is 100% accurate. This is not possible because businesses change their contact information with time and some businesses even close. We go to a lot of effort to ensure that the information in our lists is as accurate as possible.

How do you get your data?

We compile lists from reliable internet sources. We use this information and clean up existing data then remove any data that we have found to be inaccurate.

How often is the data updated?

Our lists are updated on a regular basis – mostly monthly. We add new information, update information we already have as well as removing data that we have found to be incorrect.

Is the list for single use only?

No, you can use this information as often as you would like. We only ask that you do not distribute the data or publish it.

How long will it take for me to receive my list after purchasing?

Once you have made your purchase, you will be given the option to download the list directly from this site. You will also be sent an email with a link for downloading the list of you would prefer to use that.

Can I use the list in an online directory?

No, the lists that you purchase are for use only, not for publication or distribution.

What do I do when my list becomes outdated?

Our lists are regularly updated. You can use the link we provide in the email we send you when you purchase the list 6 times for the next year after you purchase the list. As we update the list, the subsequent downloads will be of the updated list.

Can I resell of redistributing the list?

No, the lists that you purchase are for use only, not for publication or distribution.

Is it legal to contact or market to these lists?

It is legal to contact businesses and individuals for marketing purposes provided you adhere to applicable laws. We cannot give legal advice, so please ensure that you are in compliance with any applicable laws.  In Australia, you can look into the Do Not Call Register when calling individuals and sending promotional faxes. There is also the Spam Act which needs to be adhered to when sending emails.

How can I contact you if I need help?

You can call us during business hours (AEDT). If you would prefer, you could also email your questions. Our contact details can be found on our Contact page and elsewhere on our site.

What if I only need part of a list?

Unfortunately, we only sell whole lists, and so not sell parts of lists. Given our very reasonable pricing, buying the whole list is often less expensive than renting a list from a list broker.

How many times can I use the download link?

You can use the download link 6 times during the 12 months after your purchase. Because we regularly update our lists, you can get an updated version of your list months after your original purchase.

Do I get free updates when I purchase your lists?

You can re-use the download link we originally sent you when you made your purchase six times over the year after your purchase. Because we regularly update our list – more often than not, every month, if you spread your subsequent downloads over the year after your purchase, you can get multiple updates to the list you have purchased.

How do you differentiate businesses with the same name/ How do you avoid duplicate records?

For most lists, we use the phone number as the reference in deducing our lists. This allows multiple records with the same company name who have a number of locations. There are some lists however which use something else as a reference. For example, if the list is a fax number list, this is used as a reference. If the list is of contacts in businesses, then their name or individual email address could be used as a reference in deduping

Could I have a sample of a particular list?

Yes, you can. To get this, just send us an email requesting a sample of the lists you are interested in. For many of our lists, you can download a sample from the product page.