About Us

Some time ago, we were engaged in the collecting of business contact information for our own marketing and sales. With time, we became quite good at collecting this data and saw that it could be helpful for other companies and started to sell some of our lists.

lead generation

With time, we transitioned from other services to only providing contact lists.

We are consistently improving and updating the list we have placed them in one database system. This gives our site guest and members the convenience when purchasing them. This marketing list can be downloaded 6 times over the course of the next year. This in effect gives you free updates for 12 months. Most of our lists are updated every month. In this way, our lead generation list has a higher rate of efficiency compared o other competitors. The list is fresh and updated giving consumers the opportunity of reaching out to real people.

Some competitors don’t like talking to people. So don’t have a way to contact them on the phone. We believe that it is not the best way to do business. In Agora, you are welcome to call us any time you like.

As far as the quality is concerned for lead generation, anyone that promises that they can provide a list that totally a 100% accurate is either kidding themselves or lying to you. It is because things change – businesses change their contact details and it is astounding how many businesses fail and stop operating. With this in mind, we put a lot of effort into making sure that we are giving you the best possible product available.