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National Business Contact Database Update

March 27, 2023 Off By Agora Admin

We have just updated our Australian Business Database.

As part of this update, we have removed some records that we could not verify as being current. In doing so, the percentage of current or correct businesses with the corresponding contact information has now been increased. While updating and removing these unverifiable records, the total number of records is now slightly less.

We have also updated the the ABN and ACN numbers. Earlier, we only had one field with either the ABN and ACN and very few of these fields were populated. Now we have two fields – one for the ABN and another for the ACN and more than 111,000 records now have this information. With this information, you can search on the government sites to see if the company is registered for GST and gather additional information.

This version does not have ANZSIC information but a lot of work has gone into the industry classifications so there is a lot more information in this field than before. The only thing that may cause a little confusion is that when a company has more than one classification, they are separated with a comma in this field so when searching this field don’t only look for full text.

If you bought this list in the last 12 months, you would have had 6 downloads. If you did not use all of your downloads, you get this update for free.

The email addresses have been checked to make sure that they have the correct format but have not been tested to ensure there is a valid inbox associated with them.

One thing that we always do in preparing or updating our lists is make sure that the phone numbers match what is used in Australia. For example, if we have a landline number starting with 020…, this would be picked up as invalid and removed. If a record does not have a phone number that matches these criteria, it is removed and not published.

There is more information on this new version of this list on the Australian Business List Database product page.