Australian Real Estate Agent List


A list of 14,726 Real Estate agents – Australia wide. Each record has a company name, full address and phone number.

With this download, we have compiled a list of real estate agents, saving you a lot of time if you were to try and put this list together yourself.

If you need to contact real estate agents to promote your products or services, this database is invaluable. You could use this list for other personal reasons.

This database can be used as a mailing list or as a telemarketing list. Some records also have fax numbers which can be used as an additional promotional medium.

When purchasing this list, you are able to download this list 6 times over the following year, giving you a number of free updates.


The records in this Australian Real Estate Agent list have been assigned regions to this list so you can target geographical areas in your marketing and advertising efforts.

Once you have downloaded this list, you can use it to contact real estate agencies throughout Australia as all the records have the required information as well as additional information.   You can use this list to create a database of the real estate agents in your area who are relevant to your goals. This is certainly preferable over wasting your time and energy on various degrees of extremely tedious, trying research.

A recently compiled list of Australian Real Estate Agents.

This list contains 14,726 Records with the following fields:

Full Address (address, suburb, state, postcode)
Region Based on the phone number
A few records also have:
Alternate phone
Fax number (2,532)
Contact name (2,271)
Contact position (756)
Email Address (3,076)

Breakdown by state:

ACT: 236
NSW: 4,376
NT: 128
QLD: 3,951
SA: 988
TAS: 232
VIC: 3,353
WA: 1,472

Delivery Format:
Download in a .zip file which contains the list in .csv file and an Excel (.xlsx) file format.


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